Tastes Like Chicken

Have you ever wondered why when a friend or family member want’s you to taste something you’ve never had before and you ask them what it tastes like, the response is most often, “It tastes like chicken!” Then once you’ve tried it you find—it didn’t taste like chicken at all, but something quite different all … Continue reading Tastes Like Chicken

Planting Good Seed

When a good seed is planted in healthy soil, its only deterrent from growing into its purpose is the external elements that try to destroy its growth process.

Forever True

Beauty so high beyond compare, Of purest light, Its breath—my very air. An expression outside of thought, A feeling without beginning, Above price—cannot be bought. Its ease emboldens my soul, Such refuge, a delicate balance; With newness that never grows old. Fragrant lavender—Iridescent blue; Bright star, ever brightest in the night, Attached by a crimson … Continue reading Forever True

Where Did I Put My…?

Have you ever misplaced something of value only to find that after searching for hours—what you are anxiously looking for eludes your grasp? In most cases it is only when you’ve given up your search and resolve yourself to never finding it—that the solution appears. This may be because the answer is not in the search—but in the reason for the search.